Share, Co-create, Disrupt: An Immersion into the Collaborative Economy

October 2nd, 2013

10am - 1:30pm

Location: Hudson Terrace, 621 West 46th Street, New York, NY 10036

Now a multi-billion dollar industry, the Collaborative (or Sharing) Economy has shifted the nature of commerce. There is now more value in "access" versus "ownership," and "keeping power" is trumping "buying power." New business models are emerging, and a new value proposition is taking root. As a result marketing is being disrupted as products, services and marketing relationships are challenged by collaborative start-up's.

Be a part of this "meeting of the minds," as Tribal Worldwide and sparks & honey, along with leading industry thinkers, explore multiple perspectives regarding the impact of the Collaborative Economy on the future of business, marketing and branding.

What does this mean for your business and how you can leverage the collaborative economy in 2014 and beyond?

Brought to you by Tribal Worldwide and sparks & honey the Collaborative Economy Summit will take an in-depth look at answering this question and others, including:

  • How are global brands responding to the Collaborative Economy and measuring value?
  • Who are the collaborative disruptors, and what are the key insights around the sharing consumer?
  • What are the social implications and the real-world impact of this long-term reality?
  • What implications exist for big brands and what are the opportunities to capitalize on in this growing space?
  • Why the measures of "value" are different in a Collaborative Economy?

Who should attend?

CEOs, CMOs, CSOs, CTOs, brand managers, business owners, innovation leaders, investors and those interested in consumer insights and consumer behavior.



9:30 - 10am: Registration

10 - 10:30am: Joe Justice, CEO of Wikispeed

Joe Justice, CEO of Wikispeed, shares how Team Wikispeed applies software development principles and taps into the collaborative economy to manufacture high performing, modular automobiles.

Disruptors Panel

10:30 - 11:30

They've made quite a stir. Start-ups have grown the collaborative economy into a multi-billon dollar industry. So what's next? And what does the investor community think of all this noise? This panel will dive into how start-ups are gaining traction and disrupting the way traditional businesses connect with their customers.

Moderated by: Brian Morressey - Editor in Chief, Digiday

Miguel McKelvey - Co-Founder, WeWork
Nick Foley - Co-Founder, Social Bicycles
Jase Wilson - CEO,
Joe Justice - CEO, Wikispeed
Terry Young - CEO, sparks & honey
Jerry Needel - Head of Growth, Indiegogo

Keynote Address by Jeremiah Owyang

11:30 - 12pm: Jeremiah Owyang - Chief Catalyst, Crowd Companies

Jeremiah Owyang, is the Chief Catalyst at Crowd Companies and author of He helps corporations connect with customers by using web technologies and researching the way disruptive technologies are changing the customer relationship. He has published numerous research reports focused on social business and the collaborative economy, circling around topics such as; how products, services, and markets have changed with the collaborative economy, how businesses manage complex social media programs, and the career path of the new social strategist.

This keynote will focus on how big brands and marketers are able to use their bulk in this agile new economy and the implications it has on the entire industry.

Jeremiah's perspective on how people, start-ups, and Corporations build a new market. Le Webb London Convention, June 2013

Big Brands & Marketers

12 - 1pm

Why own when all you need is access? Consumers agree and are embracing a collaborative lifestyle with open arms. We will look in-depth at the implications for big brands and the opportunities that exist to capitalize on this growing space.

Moderated by: Jeremiah Owyang - Chief Catalyst, Crowd Companies

David Polinchock - Director, AT&T AdWorks Lab
John Wallis - Head of Marketing and Brand Strategy, Hyatt Hotels
Alpa Pandya - EVP, Sterling Brands
Ahmad Nassar - EVP, Business Affairs & General Counsel, NFL Players
Christina Stanfield - Senior Director of Strategy, Interbrand
Nicolas Johnson - Marketing Director, Hertz Corporation

Marketing Hack Recap

1 - 1:30pm
Founders Institute Entrepreneurs

The Hack will provide a rare opportunity for start-ups to receive valuable face-time with Madison Avenue's most divergent minds and receive free business consultation. Senior level consultants will be comprised of industry experts specializing in Strategy, Creative/Design, and Branding.

Moderated by: Seth Friedman - Managing Partner, Tribal Worldwide

Sarah DaVanzo - Chief Cultural Strategy Officer, sparks & honey
Kinney Edwards - Executive Creative Director, Tribal Worldwide
Matt Freeman - Operating Partner, Bain Capital
Nick Parish - Editorial Director, Contagious
Stuart Hazlewood - Chief Strategy Officer, DDB New York

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